Match facts: Arsenal vs Crystal Palace

Arsenal are in the middle of a busy transfer window, which has seen the signing of several players. One of the most important acquisitions is the acquisition of Granit Xhaka. The German player was one of the main performers in the team during the previous season, and he has been playing for the Gunners since the beginning of the season.
However, the Gunner’s transfer campaign has not been without problems. The team has not managed to get the desired results, and the main problem is the lack of motivation.
The Gunners have not won any trophies in the last few years, and this fact has caused the fans to lose hope. The Gunners are in a difficult position, as they have to play without a number of key players, such as:
* Sanchez;
* Ozil;
• Aubameyang;
· Ramsey;
.. and many others.
In order to get out of this situation, the team needs to find a solution to the problems it has. The main thing is to find the right approach to solve the problems, as the Gunsters have a long way to go in the season ahead.
Arsenal’ transfer campaign was not successful, and it has not brought the expected results. The club is trying to strengthen the team, and they have already managed to do it. The players who have joined the Gunters are:
1. Granit. The acquisition of the German player is a good decision, as he is a strong and reliable player who can be used in various positions. Granite has already managed a good game for the team and has become a good substitute for the main stars.
2. Sokratis. The Greek player is an excellent goalkeeper, and his game has already improved significantly. The goalkeeper has already started to show his skills, and now he is able to save the Gunter’ goal.
3. Sokolov. The Ukrainian player has already shown that he is capable of playing in the center of the field, and if he continues to improve, he will become a great addition to the team.
4. Lukaku. The Everton player has become one of Arsenal’ main players, and in the new season he will be able to show all his skills.
5. Ozil. The Indian player has been an important player for the club, and has already become a reliable backup for Granite.
6. Monreal. The Spanish player has recently become a main player of the team too, and is able of scoring goals.
7. Aubamey. The Frenchman is a reliable player for Arsenal, and will help the team to achieve good results.
8. Ramsey. The England player has shown good results for the Arsenal, as well as for the Premier League.
9. Wilshere. The Arsenal player has started to become a leader of the club.
10. Sanchez. The Chilean player has joined the team successfully, and can be considered as a good alternative to Granite in the position of a goalkeeper.
This summer, the club has managed to add a number players who can strengthen the position in the lineup. However, the main goal of the Gunster’ is to get into the Champions League, and that is why they need to strengthen their defense.
Crystal Palace is one of those clubs that is trying their best to get to the Champions league. The Crystal Palace players are very motivated, and there is a high level of motivation in the club’ squad. The problem is that the club is not in a good shape, and many players are not in the best shape.
At the moment, the Crystal Palace team is very weak in the Premier league table, and only a few players are able to compete with the leaders. The problems of the Crystal palace team are the following:
· Lack of motivation;
● Injuries;
… and many more.
If the Crystal players manage to get a good result in the current season, then the club will be in a better shape, as it will be the best in the EFL.

Crystal’ players have a busy summer, and a lot of new players have joined their team. The new players include:
• Young players;
••• Cameron;
••••• Matic;

• Lukaku;
The players of the Eagles are very talented, and have already become leaders of the Premier team. However the team is not very strong, and needs to strengthen its position in order to compete against the leaders of other teams.
To get the results, the Eagles need to do a lot, and do not have a lot to spend money on. The Eagles have a good chance of getting into the top 4, if they manage to find some good players.
Football results of Arsenal and Crystal Palace in the previous seasons
The Arsenal team has been in the Champions’ League for several years, but it has never managed to win the coveted trophy. The previous season was not a good one for the fans, as many teams managed to take advantage of the Arsenal” failure.
Despite the fact that the Gunns were in a very difficult position at the start of the championship, they managed to improve their position. The results of the previous Arsenal‘s season were not so successful, as Arsenal managed to miss out on the playoffs.

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