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Winner of the week: β€œGolden State”

The season of the Golden State Warriors has come to an end. The team is now in the second half of the season, and the results of the last few games have shown that it is not able to win the championship. However, the team still has a lot of things to improve, and this is what the fans should focus on.
The following are the main points that the team needs to improve:
1. Improving the defense. The Warriors have a very good lineup, but the problem is that it does not always work. In particular, the defense is not very strong, which is why the team is not at its best.
2. Improperly selected players. The roster of the team consists of a lot stars, which means that the players have to play a lot. However this is not always possible, because the team has a very busy schedule.
3. Improprieties in the rotation. The players have a busy season, which sometimes does not allow them to rest.
4. Lack of motivation. The fans and the team do not have enough motivation to win gold medals.
All this can be seen in the results that the Warriors have scored during the season. The last few weeks have shown us that the main problem of the club is the lack of motivation, which has affected the results.

The team has already won the NBA championship, but it is still possible that it will not be able to repeat this success. The main thing for the club now is to improve its results. The next season will be very interesting for the Warriors, because they will have to fight for the title of the league.
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Golden State Warriors’ Results at the End of the Season
The last few months of the NBA season have shown the Warriors” team in a bad light. The previous season, the club was considered one of the main favorites of the competition, but in the last two years the results have not been good.
In the season 2019/20, the Warriors did not win any of the championships, and they were not able even to qualify for the playoffs. The club has a busy schedule in the next season, because it will be the first time that it has won the championship of the United States.
However, the results in the current season have not pleased the fans, and there is a high probability that the club will not win the title again. The following are some of the reasons that led to the failure of the Warriors:
* Lack of desire to win. The desire to compete for gold medals is not the main motivation of the players, who want to win only the championship and not to win a trophy.
* Unstable lineup. The lineup of the current team is very unstable, which can affect the results even if the players are playing at their peak.
Also, the lack in motivation of some of them has affected their performance. This is confirmed by the fact that the last season, many of the leaders of the squad were not in the best shape.
This is why it is very important for the team to improve the results, because now it is much easier to get into the playoffs, which will allow the club to win another championship.
Main Results of the Team in the Current Season
In recent years, the Golden
State Warriors have not always been able to show their best game. However the season has ended, and now we can see that the results are not good. The season ended with the defeat of the Cleveland Cavaliers in the finals.
Despite the fact the team was not able not to finish in the top 4, it is clear that the current lineup of Warriors is not good enough for the next championship. The problem is not only the lack motivation, but also the unstable lineup.
At the end of the previous season of NBA, the players of the roster were in a very bad shape. However in the offseason, the coach, the head coach and the players decided to make some changes, which allowed the team not only to get to the playoffs but also to win more trophies.
As a result, the current roster of Warriors looks more stable, and it is now able to demonstrate its maximum. This will allow it to win even more trophies and enter the next round of the tournament.
Here, the main thing is to demonstrate that the lineup is not so unstable, because this will allow them not only get into playoffs, but will also be able win more gold medals, which would be a great result for the whole team.
Team’s Prospects in the Next Season
Now, the chances of the winning the title are high, and we can already see that this is the main goal of the coaching staff of the organization. The coach has already decided to play the team in the playoffs for the first times in the season of 20 years.
It is important for him to win not only a single trophy, but to enter the playoffs and win more. This would be the main result of the upcoming season, as the team will have a lot to do, and will have the opportunity to improve their results.

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