USA-Canada – 1:0

The USA-Canada match was a very interesting game, as the hosts were able to score a lot of points. The team of the USA is led by the head coach of the team, Gregg Popovich. This is the first time that the USA has won the gold medals in the international arena.
The American team is composed of the following players:
* LeBron James;
* Dwyane Wade;
* Chris Bosh;
* Tim Duncan;
and so on.

The team of Canada is led also by the coach of Canada, John Herdman. The Canadian team is made of:
1. Ryan McDonagh;
2. Chris Higgins;
3. Kevin McGran;
4. Jonathan Isaac;
5. Mark Parsons;
6. Trevor Gladman;
7. Andrew Wiggins;
8. Driesbach;
9. Brandon Roy;
10. George Stromba;
11. Dennis Smith.
In the end, the team of USA was able to win the gold medal. The game was held in San Antonio, and the final score was 4:0 for the USA.
You can always follow the results of the match on the website of sports statistics.
The first goal of the game was scored by LeBron James in the second minute of the second half. The player of the United States was able not only to score the goal, but also to make a pass to the teammate. This was the first goal scored by James in his career.
After the first half, the game became more tense. The USA was not able to get into the final phase of the ball possession. In the second period, the Canadian team was able make several good passes. The final goal of this game was made by LeBron.
It is worth noting that the final goal was scored in the last minute. The United States had a lot to do, but the Canadian players were able not to make any mistakes.
At the end of the day, the USA-CANada match was an excellent game, and it can be called one of the most interesting games of the tournament.
Livescore of the Final Round
The final round of the European League was held, and there was a lot on the line. The tournament was won by the team from the Netherlands. The Netherlands team was led by coach Marco van Ginkel. The Dutch team won the tournament with the score of 3:0.
This is the third time that Van Ginkel led the team to the European Cup. The first time was in the 1990-91 season, when the team won gold medals.
However, the Netherlands team is not the only team that won the European Championship. The following teams also won the trophy:
โ€ข Germany;
โ€ข France;
The following teams were not able win the trophy in the tournament:
There were also several teams that were not invited to the tournament, but they managed to win gold medals:
– Austria;
– Czech Republic;
As for livescore, the final round was quite successful. The results of this tournament can be found on the sports statistics website.
Netherlands – 3:2
The Netherlands team started the tournament very confidently. The players of the Netherlands were able make a lot in the first rounds. This allowed them to win all the matches.
During the final match, the Dutch team was not as confident. The coach of Netherlands, Marco van Gils, was not in the best shape. He was tired and had a cold.
Van Gils decided to make the team play in the cold and in the rain. The result was a 3:1 defeat for the Netherlands, and this was the final result of the final tournament. The defeat was the worst result for the Dutch national team in the history of the competition.
Here you can find the livescore of this match. The score of the Dutch game was 3:3.
The Netherlands – Final Score
The Dutch team started with a very good game. The main goal of Van Ginkels team was to win. However, the first match was not easy for the team.
First of all, the players of Netherlands were not in a good shape. The cold weather affected the players, and they were not as active as they were in the previous matches. The second problem was the bad game of the coach.
He did not manage to make his players play in a tough game. This led to the defeat of the national team. The third problem was that the Dutch players were tired.
They had a long tournament distance ahead. The last match was very difficult, and many players had to play in it.
Due to the bad result of this team, it is difficult to predict the future results of Van Gils team. However the team has a bright future.
Results of the Second Round
In addition to the Netherlands national team, the following teams won the second round of European League:
ยท Spain;
ยท Germany; and
ยท France.
All the teams managed to achieve a good result. The Spanish team managed to score three goals.

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